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Welcome to the Website of Miss Lisa cp, a strict female disciplinarian!

I am a 51 year old female situated in a small sleepy village in Lancashire. I have been a Professional Disciplinarian for over 15 years. Administering punishments and discipline to consenting adults.

Punishments were a feared part of growing up. Through adult life we can still find ourselves needing that firm hand to help correct the repeated errors we make. Punishments can also help to ease the burden and pressures that can occur in everyday life. Relinquishing control in to another persons capable hands can feel like having a concrete scarf removed from around your neck.

Nerves and fear all play an integral part in the healing process. Whether you need real punishment for real errors or have a fantasy that you want to bring to life, I can help you.

Each session is tailored to meet your own personal situation , circumstance and needs. There are no judgements, 100% confidentiality assured.

Explore your submissive side!

A popular scenario for a role playing punishment session is naughty school boy/girl. If you have your own school uniform then you are more than welcome to wear it. I expect all my students to be appropriately dressed. Shirts should be buttoned up correctly, ties must be worn with a nice neat knot. Trousers/skirt and blazer to be pressed and not all crumpled. Shoes polished. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden and any student found with contraband ie:- alcoholic beverages or tobacco products and vapes can expect a 6 of the best with a reformatory crook handle cane.

A visit to the Headmistress

Do you remember how nerve wrecking it was when you were summoned to the Heads office? No matter how tough on the outside you appeared the butterflies still raged in your belly. Being told in no uncertain terms to hold out your hands, they shook and wobbled with apprehension and fear as you waited for the crack, the sound of leather or rattan kissing flesh. It generally took a second or two before the searing heat start to smoulder on your palms. Little tear drops glistened in the corners of your eyes but defiance prevented them from rolling down your cheeks and showing that you were just as feeling as the next goody two shoes. Acting up, playing the fool was merely your way of gaining the attention of others.

Just remember the Head sees everything and misses nothing. If you can’t or won’t follow the rules then expect to leave with a sore bottom. If you find yourself unable to sit comfortably for a week! then you only have yourself to blame.

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Caning at its best. I never scrimp on accuracy!

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