Thank you for taking the time to look at my wish list page.


Please understand that you are not under any obligation to offer or provide any of the following.

The wish list isn't designed to offend anyone.  I am an honest and hardworking family

lady,  but I have dreams and needs the same as anyone else.


But it is a wish list, so I am allowed to be a little extravagant and cheeky with it too.

So if by chance anyone wishing to be oh so generous enough, to give me something from

my wish list, then it will be gratefully received and put to good use.

I love fast cars and money, who doesn't?

I always want more than I am allowed to have or that I can afford.

So maybe once in this lifetime I would love to be able to go out purchase and spend

frivolously without heed, worry, or have to work every hour god sends to do it.

I would love a purple/green flip paint hyundai coupe, with all the mod cons of course.

I would love to get my rent and bills paid for a whole year at no cost to myself.

I would love a holiday in the sun no expense spared.

10000 pounds in 20 notes all new and crisp.

5000 pounds in 10 notes all new and crisp.

2000 pounds in 5 notes all new and crisp.

An extra income each and every week of the year for a minimum of 200 paid directly into my bank account

for doing absolutely nothing in return except sit pretty.

To be given a credit card that I can spend to the max, for someone else to pick up the tab every time.

Well for those of you who are still reading and not reeling from the shock of one cheeky momma,

that is the end of my wish list so far but no doubt I can think of more!