A normal session tribute is 100 per session.

I also have an emailing service that I am happy to provide for those who are unable to attend, 

tribute for this session depends upon, intensity and frequency of the service.

I am always happy to negotiate a price with any client,

for example if you want a shorter session,

or wish to book a set of block sessions.

As with anything this can be abused by people who may pretend to book

a block session but attend for just one at a cheaper rate.

I therefore have some stipulations that must be adhered to.

If you wish to book for 4 sessions,  one per month,

then I will reduce the tribute to 75 for each session.  You would have

to pay for the first two sessions on the first visit and the last two sessions

on the second visit.  Leaving your final two sessions free of charge.

If you fail to turn up to your last two without good reason or notice for absence then you

will unfortunately lose your fee paid.

The emailing service that I provide is normally used by people who cannot attend a session

in person for one reason or another.

I am normally requested to send lessons or lines that must be completed within an agreed time limit.

Failure to complete work set will result in tasks being set for the offending individual where photo

evidence will need to be provided to show that task has been completed.  Failure to complete tasks

will result in a financial fine.  All points and criteria will be outlined and agreed to in advance.