There are many people around the world that are oblivious to the world of domestic Discipline, consenting adult discipline,

Bdsm and other traits related to the Mistress/Sub relationship.

Many will frown upon it.  That unfortunately is the ignorant world that we live in and the society we fall under.


For those of us with an open mind,  we can enjoy the benefits of adult discipline to fill a void,

recreate your younger days, to better yourself in everyday life or simply because you enjoy it.


Discipline does not have to be real, it can also enable you to re-enact the earlier part of our lives.

Where discipline and rules counted for something.


Discipline was used in schools, or in the home, normally carried out by a female relative or neighbour as well

as punishing criminals in jails.  This form of punishment is still used in some countries and sometimes proven

to be successful.  Many people believe that it is the lack of discipline and punishment that has led to the

downfall in society as we know it now.

Recent studies in other countries show that punishment is an excellent stress reliever, 

so much so that there have been clinics set up for caning clinically depressed people.

The caning releases endorphins in the blood stream and promote the feel good properties.

  Punishment is not pleasant during the initial stages, but the aftermath brings

the enjoyment,  viewing your stripes like trophies and the feeling of cleansing

of the body and mind of errors you feel guilty about.


For whatever reasons you require punishment, remember you are not alone.

It does not make you weird or perverted. 

I am happy to conduct a session of discipline with or without role play in a home environment, it is discreet,

and rest assured your identity will not be revealed  to a third party without your prior consent.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to expose your private parts or be totally nude.  Bottoms are exposed

only.  There is no relief offered or allowed so please do not insult my intelligence by asking for services of this type.