The Rules of the School Room



No chewing

Keep to the dress code if one is in place

Being rude or offensive will not be tolerated

Failure to do well with lessons or show enthusiasm

Answering back is not an option



Discipline is the key to good behaviour and successful character building.

At school you are expected to follow the rules or receive punishment  for each and every error made.

there will be no excuses for breaking the rules.


For each silly error you make,  I will help by punishing you as a stark reminder

not to repeat the same error twice.  Idiots that think they can do as they please

will not be walking out bright and breezy,  they will be adorning to swollen, bruised cheeks in their

shorts.  Make no mistake about that!

Wise guys will be made an example of!  this is not an empty threat,  so be warned

if you want to challenge the rules expect to leave with tears streaming down your face

and a backside that will resemble something more  swollen and colourful.

Punishments will be any of or all of the following:-

what you receive depends upon your behaviour and your ability to complete the work given.

Attempting to flatter the teacher with compliments to shorten your sentence will be looked

upon with scorn and extra punishments awarded.

hand, plimsoll, slipper, tawse, strap, ruler, paddle and cane.

An example of 6 strokes of the cane.