Financial servitude agreement is not something that should be entered into lightly.

Do not offer to give more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

I am not in need of your money but you have a need, an

overwhelming desire to give it to me.

You like to have your nose rubbed in the fact that it will be wasted on something

overly priced and probably unnecessary to yourself. 

The immense satisfaction and relief you will feel handing over your hard earned cash

is second to none.

You start with a wallet filled with crisp bank notes and finish with a wallet stripped bare

of its contents whilst my purse is bursting at the seams.

To hold the position of financial slave to Mistress you must apply for the position to

Mistress outlining your commitment and your intentions.

You will be required to fill out an application form to support your application.

You need to be able to support your application with credentials to back

up your intentions.

A general financial servitude agreement would consist of both parties agreeing to

all terms and conditions in full.

Financial slave would be expected to pay each and every month on an agreed date,

any reminders for these payments would result in a late payment fine being issued.

You would also be expected to give mistress a little extra to show your appreciation from

time to time. 


Remember Mistresses time is not free, in order for me to consider your application

it takes up my time and that will be paid for in advance.

If you want to ring me, by all means do so but you will pay for my time taken up talking.

If you want me to return a call at any time you will need to top up my phone.

This type of agreement is not for the tight wads,  or the penny pinchers,

it is directed at generous submissives with excess and nothing to spend it on.